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What We Do

Methane Mitigation Solutions works with oilfield operators to take their typically-flared natural gas offline in a personalized and economic fashion. Our three solutions include Waste2Watts, CNGen, and CleanFlare. We also provide EPA/Federal Inspections & Reports. Explore our services below.

On the side, we work with local groups and governments to monitor and produce studies on methane emissions, specifically those coming from orphan wells.

About MMS

Methane Mitigation Solutions (MMS) is a US-based environmental company that specializes in reducing methane and other natural gas emissions from existing oil well flares. We focus on small to medium oilfield operations near or within the Western Gulf Basin. These wells are located nearby low-income, disadvantaged communities.

Our projects aim not only to help oil and gas companies become more environmentally friendly and efficient but also to create jobs for locals and improve their health and communities.

Methane flare

Our Services

Image by Abhijeet Gaikwad


transform harmful and costly methane emissions into electricity

Image by Justus Menke


convert wasted exhaust gases to CNG to sell to market

Cement Pipes


upgrade to a hyper-efficient burner that entirely depletes methane emissions

INspections & reporting

stay up to date with EPA regulations and track operation status


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our mitigation solutions are designed to capitalize on natural gas that is being constantly flared and wasted. By implementing our solutions, you can enjoy transforming economic waste into a revenue stream. Whether you create power or sell produced CNG, convert a previous loss to a gain.


Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of evolving environmental regulations and avoid the methane tax/any potential penalties. Additionally, take advantage of available carbon credits/incentives. Our expertise ensures that you meet compliance standards and maintain your operational continuity.


Increase Revenue

Show the world your commitment to sustainability. By actively reducing methane emissions, you can enhance your brand reputation and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Why Us

The time to act is now! At MMS, we offer a personalized, comprehensive, and cost-effective approach to tackle methane emissions. By partnering with us, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also enjoy financial benefits for your business. Together, let's make a difference and ensure a cleaner future.

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